The Selective Misogynistic Observations

This is an observation. This blog is a composure of key factors that only one person has observed. I do not intend to offend and these ideologies are just theories. I am not a misogynist nor do i believe anyone should be. 

In society and westernized culture my observational statistic would put ninety percent of westernized men in a category of simple, controlled and utterly fucking useless. This ninety percent of men will meet, reproduce and settle with a westernized girl who will be from the same culture, race and Nationality of him. Like attracts like, not neurotically but instead culturally.

People do not meet and analyze to the extent I do. I have found that when a single man meets a single woman all he is really looking for is a female that he finds sexually attractive. The physical attributes and physique are the only thing that matters when a man initiates conversation with a girl that he has never met or doesn’t know. These same men (the ninety per cent) may attempt to look and seek out a certain ‘type’ of women that he claims he prefers over other women, for example:

  • Some men like brunettes and some men like blondes.
  • Some men like short women and some men like tall women.
  • Some men like women are thin and some like women who are voluptuous.

This preference man have in 95% of the case is never considered or taken into action when they are seeking or looking for a female companion, which realistically is sexual intercourse. The reason their preferred type is rarely met and never acquired is because men in westernized culture don’t choose, they get chosen.

When a man meets a woman who fits his ‘type’ or criteria, it is common fact that the woman he desires will reject him. All westernized women really have to do is not give into the sexual or emotional advances of the male that has initiated conversation or association. They must make the male wait.

The “Frigate Trick” is method utilized by women against men to establish a neurotic connection otherwise known as a mental attraction. A female will consciously and sub-consciously tick a number of required boxes when selecting or choosing a male to potentially engage in intercourse and a relationship with. Due to the social and individual fear of rejection, males will only ever play the “good guy” act when they meet a female who fits their criteria and hope for the best. Rejection is not something many men are fond of when associating with their type and this sometimes is left leaving these individual entering the “friend zone”. The friend zone is actually otherwise known as becoming the utter pussy and should be stopped immediately. The required boxes a male with must tick must fit the criteria of the females desired type of man.

The females required type will consist of what the female is lead to believe the ‘right man’ for them must be. The right man’s requirements and traits are based on a number of ‘emotional feelings’ women naturally have present. These feelings they have present will shape the individual characteristics of the female that the male is investing interest in.

The male must tick the requirement boxes the female requires to conceive a trust barrier. To achieve this the male must stimulate the females ‘emotions’ to make her ‘feel’ something that will create trust.

These emotional feelings the male is required to stimulate (neurotically) are endorphin-releasing memories that were created by the female consciously in a somewhat sub-conscious manner.

For example:

Ninety Per cent of westernized females who have seen  “The Notebook” movie will remember the scene when both the lead actor and actress kiss. It is an apparent fact that the female will feel an abundance of emotion having watched and understood why Noah kissed Allie in the rain after all those years of waiting.

This scene somewhat summarized the movie and by providing the consumer of it’s content prior to this particular scene, a feeling of fulfillment is felt, as the female audience so desperately engaged in the story line, that they in the actual heart wanted Noah and Allie to be together, forever. Just like all the love stories they have been told. 

The feeling that was felt by the some 80 per cent of females during this particular movie scene are stored away neurotically. These Neurotic memories over time will shape the requirement criteria needed by the male to achieve sexual relations or become a qualified candidate for the female. The endorphin-releasing memories are based on previous experiences that will stimulate the female emotionally just like this scene in the “The Notebook”.

The above analogy is an example of how a female will watch and consume a certain type of content where the emotions being produced mentally had induced a feeling of happiness and induced thought of romantic illusion.  Men must stimulate the endorphin-releasing memories the westernized women have created of the culturally designed perfect man. Westernized females are actually just a product, they are made up of emotions, feelings and moral code that is created by profound moments of happiness which was consumed by watching a movie, television series or listening to certain genre of music.

To make this simple, a very large population of westernized females live day to day in their own romantic comedy or drama movie. They are the Allie of the notebook and guess what?  Men, they got the position to play Noah, the leading actor role.

Psychologically females have phantasmagoric like images memorized and relate to these memories due to the endorphins, which resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being.  When watching a romantic movie, television series or even listening to a love song, single women are building the foundations of the dream man and what they desire or they consider as their ‘type’.

Ninety percent of westernized women will only ever initially reject the male’s physical attributes and physique in correspondence to their dream man. The electronic media has created this dream man and just like the females men are too influenced by the dream image. When a single male approaches a single female the female will consciously reject the ideologies of a sexual relationship with him. If a female reject’s the physical attributes, they sub-consciously seek the neurotic relationship (they want to know you, not sexually or physically, however mentally).

There will be times when a female does not reject your sexual advances and you find that you are ticking the requirement boxes far to fast and your physical attributes are highly desired. These girls are normally not the males desired type and their attraction and instant neurotic fixation will last only till sexual tension is relieved by the male. This will leave the male repelled by his conquered female. I have found that a female who does not reject the physical attributes of a male at first when they cross paths will immediately give into the mans sexual advancement. Only over time do girls start to realize how neurotically incompatible they are, with the men they allow to seep with them so easily.

The common used reference “Slut” refers to a girl who engages in sexual activity on a regular basis. These girls are troubled young souls and can be easily manipulated (ages 18 to 21 are the perfect candidates). You find that this type of female who will engage in sex with a number of men will also attempt to get each male to establish a neurotic attraction. This type of female has become this way due to routine. They also can be like this is due to insecurity, desperation, experimentation, social status, Daddy issues, intoxication and even at times because the girl is an nymphomaniac or rebelling against something. Sometime it can even come down to the fact, simply the male is out of her physical league and she knows it. When a female knows that the male is out of her league, they will so desperately do anything to keep the male keen. This will sometimes lead to the female being used for only sexual satisfaction by the male and this will 9/10 times follow the routine re-action be taken by the female (the slut) who will then start engaging in relations with yet another male in an attempt to make the using male who wont commit jealous.

Any female who does not reject you physically from the start, is a female who only a very small population of westernized men will actually care about. Only in time will this type of female learn to true value of the “frigate trick”.

The westernized female and male is a fascinating bunch of humans. It’s so apparent that their search of “love” is almost obsessive and unfortunately it is so easily manipulated it’s sometimes wrong how literally simple it is to acquire a female’s love and admiration. However, what really becomes an apparent key factor in westernized culture is when a relationship between a male and female is an established party between the two individuals.

When a male accepts a female even though she does not meet his desired type? Is the male settling for second best? The fact a male naturally finds a certain type of female attractive physically, to me denotes that it’s this type of female is what the genes of the male desires to reproduce with. Females look for looks but for security, trust, and liked mentioned above a neurotic stimulation.

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  • Posted: 10 September 2011